A few useful links for platform BittsAnalytics

If you are interested in status of our BittsAnalytics API and dashboards, we publish on this on https://bittsanalytics1.statuspage.io.

API documentation was written with a very useful tool called slate:


For our company Alpha Quantum we set up a telegram channel that is available here:


You can find a summary of our blog posts on feedburner: http://feeds.feedburner.com/Bittsanalytics

Notion is a very useful tool to track your projects, especially if you are collaborating with more people. We set up a notion:


Recently we were playing with interesting deep learning model which allow style of image to be transferred from one picture to another.

We posted a few of our results here: https://ello.co/datascientist1

We hope to publish a lot of articles on theme of machine learning on our hackmd blog: https://hackmd.io/@bestniches

BittsAnalytics on https://joy.link/bittsanalytics