Best seo niches and how one does niche keyword research

SEO is still one of the best and cost efficient ways to attract visitors. Although PPC advertising is always a good alternative, it is often expensive and once you stop paying for the ads, the visitors mostly stop coming (there may be some residual effect due to recurring visitors). Whereas with SEO, the investment you make in SEO has long-term implications with a lot of traffic coming over the years. Of course, if your optimisation is good enough.

To accomplish this, it is important to both focus on the right niches as well as on right keywords within niches. Best niches for seo are often those where the products or services are of considerable value, e.g. high ticket, expensive items or services. And where the competition is still not too intensive. This can happen often in niches that are just emerging or are neglected.

How does one find the best niches to focus on?

A data science driven approach is first find the list of interesting niches. Next, one has to find the top relevant keywords for this niche and determine the SEO rankings e.g. by using tools like Data For SEO API service.

Once one has the rankings, one can compute how difficult is the niche in terms of on-page optimization, how difficult is it in terms of average OpenPageRank of domains present in rankings. One can also look at the average domain age, the younger are domains the better (it is harder to compete against older domains).

Then the next thing is to look at the top 10 domains of the niche and how much search volume do they take up over all main keywords of domain. This is possible by automated keyword research where the script checks the rankings for all top keywords of the niche.

Using niche keyword research tool UnicornSEO, this is easily done. One of the features they support is dominators assessment of each niche.

Some of the best niches right now are in the areas of crypto, NFT (non-fungible tokens) and others. Crypto has become interesting due to its recent price increase, especially of Bitcoin and Ethereum. But after the recent surge of Ethereum to almost 4000 USD it is hard to estimate where are the current Ethereum support and resistance levels.

Crypto market sector has gone through many boom and bust cycles in the past.